Blister Packing Hydraulic Press

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• The automatic feeding cutting machine is equipped with a manipulator, which can reduce labor and increase production efficiency. The four-column double-cylinder structure is adopted.

• Structure, achieve high tonnage cutting and save energy consumption. On the basis of the precision four-pile cutting machine, single-sided or double-sided.

• The surface automatic feeding device improves the efficiency and safety of the machine tool, and increases the production efficiency of the whole machine by two to three.

• Automatic feeding cutting machine is suitable for blister industry, luggage industry, leather processing, shoe industry, packaging industry, toys.

• Cutting operations of large-scale die and higher die for industrial, stationery, automobile industry, etc.

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1. Programmable logic controller control and touch screen display can set and control working pressure, cutting depth and feeding speed, The operation is simpler, faster and more accurate.

2. Bilateral orbital feeding system doubles the work efficiency, and the feeding accuracy is +/-0.05MM.

3. Double oil cylinders, four-column automatic balance connecting rod structure, to ensure that the cutting depth of each cutting position is exactly the same.

4. When the cutting board presses down and contacts the cutting knife, it automatically cuts slowly, so that there is no size error between the uppermost layer and the lowermost layer of the cutting material.

5. The central automatic lubrication system ensures the accuracy of the machine and improves the durability of the machine.

6. The dual oil circuit pressure control system is more stable, faster and more durable.

7. The suction cup manipulator can reduce labor and increase production efficiency.

8. Any effective working size, pressure, etc. can be customized.

*Different specifications and models can be customized according to the different needs of customers. Product attributes and pictures are for reference only, please contact us for details.

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