Computerized shuttleless quilting machine

Short Description:

Main configuration and features of the product:

• Advanced computer control and mechanical manufacturing technology ensure that the noise of the machine is very low.

• The processing precision is precise, and there is no need to modify the graphics. The processed cloth graphics are slightly different from the computer plate making graphics.

• Quilting machine head has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.

• The imported large rotary shuttle is adopted, and the maximum speed is 850 rpm.

Product Detail

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Computerized shuttleless quilting machine

• Servo drive equipment is adopted for saddle and main motor of logic control

• 360 degree arbitrary quilting and unlimited independent pattern step quilting

• Automatic shutdown, automatic needle mending and manual needle mending function when the thread is broken

• Automatic lubrication system

• Automatic lubrication system

Model parameters:

TSH-1-2-50.8 TSH-1-1-50.8
Host size length × wide × Height (mm) 5100×1500×2000 5400×1400×2000
Quilting width(mm) 2450 3352
Needle pitch 50.8 50.8
X stroke 410 260
Number of heads 33 33
Rotary shuttle Large rotary shuttle Large rotary shuttle
Stitch step (mm) Binary 0.15-12.7mm Binary 0.15-12.7mm
Number of stored needles 120000 needles 120000 needles
Pattern storage capacity 1000 patterns 1000 patterns
Needle model 14# 16#
Spindle speed 200-1200 rpm 850 rpm
Power 7kw 5kw
Voltage 380V/50Hz 220V/60Hz
Whole machine weight 4600kg 3000kg
Computerized shuttleless quilting machine-1
Computerized shuttleless quilting machine-3
Computerized shuttleless quilting machine-5
Computerized shuttleless quilting machine-2

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