Cutting Machine

  • Four-column hydraulic cutting machine

    Four-column hydraulic cutting machine


    1. Four-column double-cylinder mechanism design, with good rigidity, can effectively ensure the balance accuracy of the machine, and maintain uniform double-force output at any position of the cutting surface;

    2. Intermittent single-stroke operation, two-hand buttons are activated, and an emergency stop device is provided to ensure safe operation;

    3. The cutter mold setting is simple, accurate, and the cutting force is high-speed and easy;

  • Flat hydraulic cutting machine

    Flat hydraulic cutting machine

    1. The operation is simple and labor-saving, the failure rate is low, the cutting force is strong, and the load breaking speed is fast, more than 1000 times per hour.

    2. Knife mold setting device, high and low knife mold adjustment, very simple, accurate and fast.

    3. Quiet and low noise during operation improves the working environment.

    4. The fine-tuning device can easily obtain the best cutting stroke and prolong the service life of the die and the cutting board.

    5. There is a safe operation method.

  • Blister Packing Hydraulic Press

    Blister Packing Hydraulic Press

    • The automatic feeding cutting machine is equipped with a manipulator, which can reduce labor and increase production efficiency. The four-column double-cylinder structure is adopted.

    • Structure, achieve high tonnage cutting and save energy consumption. On the basis of the precision four-pile cutting machine, single-sided or double-sided.

    • The surface automatic feeding device improves the efficiency and safety of the machine tool, and increases the production efficiency of the whole machine by two to three.

    • Automatic feeding cutting machine is suitable for blister industry, luggage industry, leather processing, shoe industry, packaging industry, toys.

    • Cutting operations of large-scale die and higher die for industrial, stationery, automobile industry, etc.