Hot Melt Glue Machine

Short Description:

Model: X-TH102 pur hot melt adhesive sol machine

Mechanical size: long

Power supply voltage: 3-phase 5-wire 380V (220V can be customized)

Rated power: 15kw

Mechanical weight: 280kg

Product Detail

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Heating method: electric heating

Sol method: pneumatic pressure plate type, quantitative glue pump.

Glue amount: max. 80kg / h

Control system: PLC man-machine interface.

Mechanical color: the main color is gray white and the color is blue

Auxiliary system: 2HP air compressor (provided by the customer)

Optional accessories: rubber hose; Glue gun

Operator: one person is required to change the glue, normal operation don't need people.

Use adhesive (glue): pur hot melt adhesive.

Machine application scope: various pur hot melt glue machine supporting equipment

Machine advantages: 1. It can pump glue quantitatively; 2. Simple man-machine interface operation; 3. High melting efficiency; 4. No loss.

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