Machinery Parts

  • Magnetic powder brake

    Magnetic powder brake

    Structural Features:

    1. CNC precision manufacturing, high precision, fine processing, good linearity, and superior performance.

    2. Imported magnetic powder, high purity, no black carbon powder, stable performance and long life.

    3. Aluminum alloy structure, with excellent heat dissipation performance, good demagnetization, and fast response speed.

    4. Stable operation, no vibration, no impact, no noise under starting, running and braking conditions.

  • Inflatable shaft/inflatable sleeve clamp/safety chuck/

    Inflatable shaft/inflatable sleeve clamp/safety chuck/

    1. The inflation operation time is short. It only takes 3 seconds to separate and place the air expansion shaft and the paper tube to complete the inflation and deflation. It does not need to separate any parts on the shaft end to tightly engage the paper tube.

    2. The paper tube is easy to place: the paper tube can be moved and fixed at any position on the axis by the action of inflating and deflating.

    3. Large load-bearing weight: The size of the shaft diameter can be determined according to the actual needs of customers, and high-hardness steel is used to increase the load-bearing weight.

  • Glue roller

    Glue roller

    Aterial: Use high-quality 45# seamless steel pipe and alloy steel pipe

    Heating method: heat conduction oil, heat conduction water

    Structure: Inner groove with large lead multi-head spiral flow channel or jacket structure

  • Hot Melt Glue Machine

    Hot Melt Glue Machine

    Model: X-TH102 pur hot melt adhesive sol machine

    Mechanical size: long

    Power supply voltage: 3-phase 5-wire 380V (220V can be customized)

    Rated power: 15kw

    Mechanical weight: 280kg