Magnetic powder brake

Short Description:

Structural Features:

1. CNC precision manufacturing, high precision, fine processing, good linearity, and superior performance.

2. Imported magnetic powder, high purity, no black carbon powder, stable performance and long life.

3. Aluminum alloy structure, with excellent heat dissipation performance, good demagnetization, and fast response speed.

4. Stable operation, no vibration, no impact, no noise under starting, running and braking conditions.

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1. A wide range of control can be carried out easily.

2. It can achieve continuous sliding operation.

3. Stable torque can be obtained.

4. No tweet sound. The stick-slip phenomenon of the action surface will occur in the friction method, but it will not occur here, and there will be no connecting sound, so the operation is quite quiet.

5. The heat capacity is large. Due to the use of magnetic powder with excellent heat resistance and the ideal cooling method, it can be used with peace of mind even in severe continuous sliding operation.

6. A smooth continuous and driving state can be achieved. Since the coefficient of static friction is almost the same as the coefficient of dynamic friction, there will be no vibration when fully connected, and the acceleration and deceleration can be adjusted according to the load.

1. High-precision torque control The torque control range is very wide, and the control precision is high. The transmission torque and the exciting current are in the correct ratio, which can realize high-precision control.

2. Superior durability and long life, using super alloy magnetic powder with super heat resistance, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, and long life.

3. Excellent stability of constant torque characteristics Magnetic powder has good magnetic characteristics, and the binding force between the particles is stable, and the sliding torque is very stable. It has no relationship with the relative number of revolutions and can maintain a constant torque for a long time.

4. Continuous sliding operation uses a cooling structure with excellent heat dissipation effect and uniform thermal deformation, coupled with the high heat resistance of the magnetic powder, which allows large connection and braking power and sliding power, and can smoothly slide without causing vibration.

5. The connection is smooth, the impact is very small when there is no impact, and it can start and stop smoothly without impact. Moreover, the resistance torque is extremely small and will not cause useless heat generation.

6. Suitable for high-frequency operation with quick response and special heat dissipation structure, suitable for high-frequency operation.

7. Lightweight, maintenance-free, long-life, compact and lightweight, use high-temperature resistant coils and special grease bearings, and apply special wear-resistant treatments to the armature that is prone to wear to extend the service life.

Application Scope:

Due to the above characteristics of magnetic powder brakes, it has been widely used in papermaking, printing, plastics, rubber, textiles, printing and dyeing, wire and cable, metallurgy, and other related winding processing industries for unwinding and winding tension control. In addition, the magnetic powder clutch can also be used for buffer starting, overload protection, speed regulation, etc. Magnetic powder brakes are also often used for dynamometer loading and braking of transmission machinery.

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