Components of PUR hot melt adhesive laminating machine equipment

PUR hot melt glue machine (referred to as: PUR hot glue machine) equipment: is a kind of solid PUR hot melt glue that can be melted, and the melted glue will be transported to the glue coating device to the substrate through the pressurizing device. Carry out coating. An electromechanical device integrating precise temperature control function, fluid pressure conveying function and extrusion coating function. It also has the function of automatic control and automatic tracking of the production line speed.

PUR hot melt adhesive laminating machine

Host: It has the functions of heating and heat preservation, melting glue, outputting glue, controlling glue pressure, primary filtration, etc. The temperature of the host should be controlled at 5-10 degrees higher than the melting point of the glue, so that it has a certain degree of fluidity and pressure The control is more accurate.
Throat: It has the function of heating and insulating, guiding the glue liquid, and outputting the liquid hot melt glue from the host to the gun base module. The temperature can be kept slightly higher than the melting point of the glue liquid.
Gun base: It is equipped with heating and heat preservation, secondary filtration. It transports the glue to the gun body. If necessary, the function of heating the compressed air. The temperature can be appropriately increased according to the glue spraying effect. Make the glue fluid better.
Gun body: It has the function of opening and closing the glue, and is equipped with various nozzles and scraping nozzles as required to meet the needs of users. There are spiral spray guns, coating scrapers, fiber spray guns, Z-shaped spray guns, point guns, etc. Wait.
Automatic compensation control system: With output signal control solenoid valve, the compressed air controlled by the solenoid valve drives the work of the gun body to control the opening and closing of the glue. And output 0-10V DC voltage to control the inverter to drive the motor to rotate. The output voltage is proportional to the speed of the production line being tested. The glue position, glue break length and tracking voltage can be adjusted online. Devices that detect the speed of the production line include proximity switches, rotary encoders, etc.
PUR hot melt adhesives are collectively referred to in the industry. In fact, there are many types of hot melt adhesives, including EVA, PA, PES, PUR, pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt adhesives, and so on.

Post time: Nov-02-2021