Mesh belt compound machine can produce composite materials

Mesh belt laminating machine is a laminating machine that glues two or two layers of materials together. Make raw materials have new functions. Such as film and aluminum foil, film, paper, non-woven fabric, etc. are commonly used. It can also be used in combination with film, sponge, cloth, etc.

Mesh belt compound machine


The mesh belt composite machine can bond the two layers of materials together at the same time, making the composite material stronger. It can also be used for one-time bonding and lamination of three-layer thin plate materials to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. The double glue groove mesh belt composite material and the high temperature resistant mesh belt press make the composite material fully contact the dryer, improve the drying effect, and make the processed material soft, washable and firm. The mesh belt has an automatic infrared adjustment device, which effectively prevents the belt from deviating and prolongs the life of the belt. The heating system is divided into two groups. Users can select heating methods (one group or two groups) according to their needs, which can effectively save energy and reduce production costs. If necessary, choose a DC motor or frequency converter to make the machine more controllable.

The flexible packaging materials commonly used in mesh belt laminating machines are basically composite products. Generally speaking, composite equipment is a composite equipment in related industries such as home textiles, clothing, furniture, and automotive interiors. Mainly used for two or more layers of cloth, leather, film, paper, sponge, etc. Adhesives are divided into adhesives and non-adhesives, and adhesives are divided into water-based adhesives, polyurethane oil-based adhesives and hot melt adhesives. Closure is the bonding of two or more layers of materials together with an adhesive. Commonly used film cloth or glass cloth. It can be compounded with paper, film, sponge, cloth, etc. It is commonly used on Ribao machinery compound machine. The broad definition is two or more layers of the same or different materials, such as cloth and cloth. Cloth and paper. Cloth and artificial leather, as well as various plastic and rubber sheet rolls, are heated to a melted, semi-melted state, or heated to a machine that combines them with a special adhesive.

Post time: Nov-01-2021