Paper product laminating machine

Short Description:

Model: x-th304 paper laminating machine (paper mounting)

Mechanical dimensions: 880mm long * 2300mm wide * 2650mm high

Effective width: 1800mm (any width can be customized)

Capacity: 0-40mm

Power supply voltage: 3-phase 4-wire 380V (220V can be customized)

Rated power: 44kw

Product Detail

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Heating mode: electric heating

Optional equipment: 1 2HP air compressor; 1 base material handling forklift; 1 set of edge cutting device.

Gluing method: roll coating

Power drive: AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation

Control system: traditional button control

Mechanical weight: 4600kg

Mechanical color: the main color is Chinese red and the color is gray white

Operator: 2-3 persons

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