PUR hot melt adhesive laminating machine

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Supporting system: 1 200L glue melting machine

Sol mode: pressure plate type automatic glue melting

Power drive: AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation

Gluing method: scraping

Working width: 1650mm

Mechanical spoke 1800mm

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Equipment linear speed 0-35m / min

Equipment size 9900 * 3300 * 3200 (L * w * h)

Heat transfer oil heating power 24kw and 12KW adjustable hot oil circulation 180 ℃ (max)

Total power of equipment: 60kW

Power supply 380V50Hz

Total equipment weight 500kg

Control system: PLC man-machine interface

Mechanical color: the main color is gray white, and the color matching is Chinese red

Operators: 2


Machine model: X-TH101A

Machine dimensions: length* width a* height/3980mm*4800mm*2080mm

Width of machinable material: 1800mm

Productivity: 0~40m/min

Voltage: 380V/AC

Power: 40KW

Heating method: Electric heating

Matching accessories: 200L sol machine

Gluing method: glue point transfer of glue roller

Power drive: AC variable frequency stepless speed regulation

Control system: PLC interface

Machine weight: 5600kg

Mechanical color: off-white, Chinese red

Operator: 2

Application Industries:

Clothing, home textiles, shoes, children's products, outdoor products, sports protective gear, etc.

Machine Features:

1. Automatic edge alignment system, automatic alignment, reducing labor.

2. Tension-free unwinding device, no wrinkle, reducing labor intensity.

3. Up to 80 m/min, high-speed production, no drying.

4. PUR hot melt compound machine equipment control adopts programmable PLC design and man-machine interface control, humanized operation and easy maintenance.

5. With heat transfer oil heating circulation system, it is convenient to control the temperature rise and fall and stability of the glue.

6. Laminating materials and finished products can adopt center coiling or surface selection methods as required.

7. The gluing method is divided into two options: dispensing and full coating.


Recautions for PUR hot melt adhesive compounding:

Operators can only operate this equipment after they are fully familiar with the machine's performance and working principles. This equipment must be operated by a dedicated person, and non-operating personnel cannot open or move randomly.

Before production, check whether electrical appliances such as cables, circuit breakers, contactors, and motors meet the requirements.

Before production, check whether the three-phase power supply is balanced. It is strictly forbidden to start the equipment without phase.

During the production period, check whether each rotary joint is safe, whether the pipeline is unblocked, whether there is any damage, or oil leakage, and remove it in time.

The hot oil machine must be turned on before production, and the production can only be carried out after the temperature rises to the temperature required by the process. Before production, check whether the pressure of each barometer is normal, whether there is any leakage in the gas path, and repair it in time.

Before production, check the tightening of each connection to see if there is any looseness or falling off, and repair it in time.

Before mass production of the equipment, a small amount of test should be done first, and mass production can be carried out only after success.

Before production, check the lubrication conditions of various hydraulic stations, reducers, bearing bushes, lead screws, etc., and fill in hydraulic oil and lubricating oil in a correct and timely manner.

After the machine is stopped, the glue tank, squeegee accessories, and anilox roller must be cleaned in time to remove residual glue and dirt from all parts of the machine for next use.

It is strictly forbidden to contact corrosive liquids with the rubber rollers, and always ensure that the surface of each drive roller is clean and free of foreign matter.

It is strictly forbidden to pile up debris around the hot oil machine, and keep the hot oil machine and its surroundings clean and free of foreign objects at all times. When the hot oil machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to touch the delivery oil pipe by hand.

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