Self-adhesive coating machine

Short Description:

Equipment specification

1. Mechanical speed: 120m / min

2. Production speed: 10-100m / min

3. Raw materials: substrate: PET, release paper, etc. 4. Glue: liquid silica gel, liquid oil glue, liquid water glue, treatment agent, etc

4. Working width: 1800mm

5. Heating method: electric heating

Product Detail

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Equipment specification

Maximum unwinding diameter: Φ 1000mm

Maximum winding diameter: Φ 800mm

Inner diameter of winding tube: φ 3”

Gluing method: comma scraping

Gluing accuracy: ± 0.002mm

Oven length: 3m / section, 6 sections

Drying oven temperature: max. 200 ℃, common 160 ℃, temperature control deviation ± 2 ℃

Voltage: 380V, 50Hz. Three phase four wire power supply, PLC and touch screen control

Total power: about 670kw

Tension control: automatic tension control

Deviation correction method: EPC automatic deviation correction (end uniformity ≤ 2mm)

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